Time Travel Tennis

Mobile Game Developed for TRUNK

I worked as an intern for an Agency called TRUNK based in Manchesters Northern Quarter. I worked alongside another student and we were given a brief to make a prototype to show to potential clients based around Wimbledon (Tennis). Because of the amount of content we were able to produce in such a short time, the project was reworked and the agency decided to release it under their own IP, 'Time Travel Tennis'.
My work there consisted of creating all of the in game models, in game animations, almost all of the UI, marketing assets for the app store and finally the different in game environments. We are currently waiting for the game to go live on the app store.
This was the first mobile game that I have developed, the idea has since been sold and the game is sitting in Unity.
The game features hundreds of customisations, over 50 opponents, and over 10 different courts and environments to play in.
Scenes taken from Unity and Phone screenshots.
Tools Used: 3DS Max, Photoshop, CrazyBump, Unity.
Time Travel Tennis Splash Screen
In game copponent select
In game game mode select
In game character customisation
Phone Game screenshot (2000s)
Phone game screenshot
Phone game screenshot cavemen era
Phone game screenshot wild west
Screenshot of tutorial level
In game trophy screenshots
Era select screenshot
Marketing assets for the app store