Plimp the Penguin

Cartoon-Styled Adventure Platformer

A group project I opted to help with was Plimp the Penguin. A team was short so I opted to do the environmental art alongside my internship. The game was about a bad mouthed penguin trying to help animals escape from a zoo, with Leisure Sweet Larry being an inspiration.
During this project I worked as the environmental artist, UI designer and Texture artist for the group. I am responsible for every texture in the game, as well as every asset apart from the penguin models.
I wanted to try a new art direction, so I went with a cartoon style, trying to revive some Playstation 2 nostaligia from old platform adventure games.
For UI work check the first video at the bottom of the page for a walkthrough of the menus and in game UI/UX.
Screenshots taken from Unity, Renders done in 3DS Max.
Tools Used: 3DS Max, Photoshop, Unity.
Tutorial Screenshot
Tutorial Top Down Screenshot
Tutorial Top Down Screenshot Front
Hub world screenshot
Screenshot of the Hub World
Top Down Hub World Screenshot
Toilet Renders
Render of Male Toilets
Tutorial Renders
Tutorial Top Down Render
Top Down Render of Hub World
Hub World Renders
Hub World Render
Fish Health BAr Render
Cart Renders
Bin Renders