Fish Tank

A First Person Horror Narrative Game

The second year I worked as part of a team to create a first person horror game - 'Fish Tank'. The player navigates a series of caves in search to escape a lurking danger who could appear around any corner.
My role in this project was an environmental artist, a character artist, and the UI developer. I created scenery assets, interactable objects, the main antagonist, and all of the UI within the game. Another member of the team created the map and level layout.
I also produced a trailer for the game as well as the sound you hear in game.
Scenes taken from Unity screenshots.
Some 3DS Max Renders.
Tools Used: 3DS Max, Sculptris, Maya, Photoshop, CrazyBump, Unity, Audacity, After Effects.
Assets, Map, textures & Glowsticks
In game screenshot of the start
Render of skeleton & coral
Render of skeleton 2
Render of Fish Tank Creature
Render of the fish tank creature alt
Render of clam creature
Render of clam creature alt
Clam Creature Maps
Coral Piece Renders
Coral renders no diffuse map
Coral Texture Maps
Diver book render
Diver book render alt