Environmental Art Project


My environmental art project was a task to create an environment from scratch. The development process was to sketch, conceptualise, develop, create, and then put into the Unreal engine.
I decided to create a shopping complex set in a victorian era settings with a magical twist, each shop with its own unique name and style. The centrepiece to this set being an orb that both levitated and spun.
I am responsible for all aspects in the scene apart from the water shader used in the canal, and any sound aspects i took from the web and edited in Audacity.
Scene Rendered in Unreal Engine 4.
Tools Used: 3DS Max, Photoshop, Unreal 4, Audacity, CrazyBump, Treeit.
In Game Screenshot of Complex
In Game Screenshot of Ventre Ornament
In Game screenshot from Clocktower
In Game screenshot of Canal
In Game screenshot of complex
In game screenshot of centre piece
In Game screenshot of shops
Top down view of map
Whitebox render
Whitebox render of bridge
Arnold Render of Centrepiece
Birdseye view of whitebox
Render of main centre ornament
Image numbuh 2
Normal Map Examples